Saturday, 5 March 2011

First ever post

So everyone seems to have their own blog these days, and since I don't want to miss out, I decided that I should start my own one. I haven't decided what I'm going to concentrate on, but you can expect some reporting on my recent cooking/baking/crocheting/gardening/crafting efforts.

I have recently moved back to London from Aberdeen, and currently reside in a rented two bedroom flat in South Ealing with the Husband and the Flatmate. When we moved in we realised that the previous tenants were not too enthusiastic about cleaning or gardening, so this flat is a bit of a project before we get it to look as lovely as we would like.

You can expect lots of before and after photos of the flat and the garden, as long as we actually get anything done... Last weekend we were planning on really starting with the back garden, but it started raining just as we were ready to walk to Homebase. (This is where you say, Well you live in England - what do you expect?) So instead of getting some soil and equipment, we made pizza instead. Which is not a bad thing really, just means the garden is still a mess.

I shall post photos of new stuff I've made very, very soon. Maybe even today.

Thanks for reading,

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