Saturday, 5 March 2011

I like snake

Last year someone gave me a big bag of assorted yarn, most of it hideous synthetic stuff in unbelievably ugly colours. I ended up giving away most of it, but for some reason I couldn't let these two green balls of yarn go. A friend of mine was about to have a baby, so I thought I'd make her a slightly unusual baby present - a bright green stripy snake!

I had an old flat pillow which provided the perfect filling, and some yellow embroidery floss and red wool were used to finish off the silly thing.

Here it is curled up in a bowl (which was made by our friend John).

The only problem was that the snake became quite popular in our household before our delivery trip to Australia... Hence there are lots of photos of the snake being used for waking up flatmates, for battles against the red rubber duck, and general purpose flogging. Luckily, the snake made it all the way to Australia a few months ago, and now lives in the intended recipient's room.

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